Is it illegal to discriminate if the person gives you verbal permission

So this old guy came in for an interview and we don't hire anyone over 35 so at some point he admitted to his age then told us it's okay to judge him for his age but then told us to test him on his knowledge of stuff only 20-something year olds know instead we told him we don't hire people his age and told him to leave. As he left he said we would be hearing from his lawyer. Is that a real threat?

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  • You and whatever company employs you are idiots.

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  • Here’s a thought. Don’t discriminate against anyone weather it’s legal or not. That’s why I hate everyone equally.

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  • This is still illegal, even if he told you it was ok. But I assume this didn't really happen, so... Meh.

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  • Why didnt you test him, like he asked?
    Thats where you truly fucked up.
    What work do you have that a fit 36 year old can not do?
    Ive seen actual grandparents work guys in their 20s right into the ground.
    Try outworking a determined Latina in her 30s.
    I dont know if the legal threat is real, or your post either.
    But, maybe you learn something.

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  • It’s acually illegal to discriminate based off of age.

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  • Yes, it's illegal and I hope he recorded the interview.

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  • Tell him to go fuck himself and take his stupid lawyer with him.

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  • What kinda job is this that ya'll don't hire anyone over 35? Just wondering over here.

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    • High tech companies are notorious for age discrimination (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.)

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    • Some ritzy stores, especially in malls in my area will only hire someone if they're young, attractive, and seemingly unintelligent. Maybe it's a mall job?

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