Is it greedy of self centered to break up for this?

So I love my boyfriend I do, we recently had our one year anniversary in November and well I've never had a partner before him and we ended up not doing anything, we exchanged a gift each about a week prior but thats it wich kinda stung. I'm mostly iver that though just the main thing being lack of cuddles, I'm a cuddler I need to be held I need the attention. He on the other hand is not, he will occasionally rub my arm or something for a minute and to him thatd plenty of cuddling. To me it's a tease. Anyways is it ok to be upset about it ebough to consider breaking up? Yes I've talked to him about it and his solution was we get a tv on cyber Monday and set it up in front if the couch, well cyber Monday cane along and he was like we don't really need one at the moment we need a vacuum more, wich I bought that same night. It was 60 bucks-_- he's not to worried about finacials he has a grand n something saved to the side. So its like I dont get it we go halfzies.. Anyways just is it wrong of me yo contemplate breaking up with him with cuddles being the main factor?

Edit: besides this he's a pretty good boyfriend. Can be a bit insensitive with his words at times but thats gotten better. I do love him quite alot just it's hard. I've been sleeping like shit lately cause one night in his sleep he pulled me into a snuggle and I fell asleep with him holding me it felt so great and now I'm all upset knowing it's sonething I won't ever get again

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  • Sounds like you don't get what you need from your partner. If it's this serious to you and he isn't prepared to compromise then no, I don't think it's over the top to consider ending it.

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  • It seems pretty normal but since you mentioned the financials I'd say that is playing a larger part than you want to acknowledge in how you're feeling...

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  • I can't answer yes or no to your question because breaking up isn't the only alternative. If you've made it clear to him in a non-judgmental way, talking about your feelings rather than his behavior, and he takes no notice or makes no attempt to change then it seems the two of you are not compatible and you should think about moving on.

    The criteria I'd use would be how much is this lack of physical affection affecting how you feel about yourself and your life in general? If it's having a big negative effect and he won't or can't change, the solution is obvious, because obviously it's not going to change all by itself.

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