Is it fair that my mum wont talk to me because I kissed her boyfriend

I allowed my mum's boyfriend to kiss me at a party (new years eve) We wasn't making out as such, just a few seconds but my Mum walked in on us in mid-kiss in the kitchen and freaked out.
She recently split up with her boyfriend but now she won't talk to me because of it.
I dont think that's fair as it was just a fun "New years Party" kiss.
How do i make he see that?

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  • Have you never heard of empathy? Put yourself in her position the other way round with your boyfriend, how would you feel?

    If you can genuinely accept what you did and honestly apologise for it she may forgive you in time, but right now your attitude is making it worse.

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  • All sluts hate other sluts. They can't help it. Jealousy, fear of being replaced by a younger female. That you don't understand that though..clearly clueless and a tramp by nature.

    Why don't you just suck n fuck your way through the guys your own age? Old whores have it hard enough just being old and women(not that it's not similar for men).

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  • If morality were a religion and had followers they would call you an uncontrollable heathen whore bitch.

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  • You don't seem very apologetic and you certainly don't seem to recognise what you did was wrong and hurt your mother.

    I don't blame her for not talking to you, frankly, you sound a bit of a bitch.

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  • Why did you guys kiss? Did you have a secret attraction to him? Are you just a homewrecker?

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  • You crossed a line that you just don't cross when you did that. You should feel bad about doing that to your mom but I'm sure you won't.

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  • Yea it's fair she probably needs time that shit was weird as fuck. Do you kiss your mum that way? If so I suppose its all good if you don't than your kinda a creep.

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  • Who's idea was the offending kiss?

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  • hmm...

    I can see her being upset and they breakup(though a bit extreme) but not talking to u is wrong

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