Is it even worth reporting?

My aunt, several years ago, worked for the police department in an administrative capacity. She threatened me about looking into my past and was "amazed" at the information she could get working there. She is now retired, but I still feel like reporting her threats and that what you call it? Or invasion of privacy?

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  • You a punk ass bitch. You know what we do to punk ass snitch bitches in da hood? We give them stitches!
    A stitch in time saves nine, mothafucka! Nine other niggas will think twice befo'being a punk ass bitch like you.

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  • Nothing will happen. The burden of proof will lie unto you and you have no concrete evidence to support your averments.

    Cut her off and live your life. You'll probably get out of this more disappointed than anything else.

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  • If she no longer works there then there's little they could do about it. Did she bring up any specific examples of "amazing" life details that she found? If not, it's probably safe to assume she was bluffing

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  • No, you should have done something when it happened. Not waiting several years. The police department will think its not that serious because you waited so long. Also its kind of fucked to try to fuck up your aunts career.

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