Is it cultural appropriation to celebrate st. patrick's day?

I am of mixed ethnicity from the States. I know I am of African and European descent, but not sure exactly where my ancestors are from. I can't afford a 23 and me dna check quite yet. I try to not culturally appropriate and am unsure if I can celebrate St. Patricks Day.

A lot of Mexicans got upset that non-Mexicans celebrated cinco-de-mayo last year. I don't want to step on anyone's toes culturally but i think it is fun to celebrate. I have no hate in my heart, just wondering if it is okay.

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  • As an Irish-American (along with some other European), I don't celebrate St. Paddys because the "snakes" that were "chased" out was actually a genocide of pagans who refused to become Catholic.

    Also I'm a ginger covered in freckles so wearing green doesn't mean a thing.

    And also fuck cultural appropriation. Staying in your lane would be minding your own business. People can do whatever they want. I drink margaritas all the time. Why wouldn't I do it at my favorite Mexican restaurant on cinco de mayo?

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  • Just celebrate it. Being a certain race shouldn't stop you from enjoying a Holiday. The people that complained about other races celebrating need to grow up and stop whining.

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  • Many people who warn others against cultural appropriation aren’t they’re appropriating other cultures. How many non Japanese people like anime? What about when people dress as cowboys?

    The whole “cultural appropriation” was created by people who have low-esteem and can’t think of anything besides their culture.

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    • The concept of cultural appropriation was created by oppressed groups who understandably don't like more powerful groups using their culture and spirituality without acknowledgment, and in particular without acknowledgment of past oppression.

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  • Ill do whatever I want. If it offends some PC dickhead thats a plus.

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