Is it common to wake up and can't move

Sometimes I fall asleep then I wake up and I can't move but I can hear everything and can even make myself breath fast or slow then I feel a Sinister presence around me and it the most terrifying thing ever and I'm afraid to go back to sleep

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  • As others have said, this is classic sleep paralysis.

    When we sleep, our ability to control our muscles is disabled (if it wasn't, we'd be acting out everything we do in our dreams, and that would be very dangerous), but it is possible to be in an in-between state, where we become conscious but remain immobilised. The feeling of a sinister presence is also classic, and it's thought this is behind a lot of stories of demons, ghosts, incubuses, succubuses and so on.

    Why it happens is a mystery, and there doesn't seem to be much you can do about it other than understand that it happens, and try to remember what's going on when it does.

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  • Sleep paralysis is terrifying I get them often I try to scream with all my might but only a whisper comes out,sometimes upward of ten min I'll try to move scream kick but nothing,but if I cry like cry outloud my wife hears that, explain that one...

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  • I never experienced sleep paralysis and don't know what triggers it but it seems very common

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  • Fuck sleep paralysis

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  • sleep paralysis and it’s considered very common.

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  • Sleep paralysis. I had it once

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