Is it becoming normal to be fat?

Is it okay to be fatphobic?

I understand if you're fat and you're okay with it, but I'm not okay with people trying to normalize it and say it's healthy and better than being in shape.

I am all for inclusivity in terms of men and women's bodytypes, but once it gets to the point where no living being in the wild would ever get to, you have to wonder where we're heading.

My mom, for example, has been fat basically as long as I've been alive I think. She always made excuses for it and I felt that she didn't try hard enough. I've had a hard time in my relationship with food after that. It's to the point now where I can't stand hugging her because it grosses me out, even though her personality is perfectly normal.

TLDR: I see America and other obese countires and wonder if we will all end up looking like the peoeple in wall-e.

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  • No it's not normal and it's not healthy to be fat and it should not be encouraged. But you also shouldn't go out of your way to be a jerk to fat people for being fat. You will only make it worse.

    Fat shaming people has never worked. People will never lose weight just because you fat shamed them. They are addicts to food. It's an addiction just like any other addiction caused by getting hooked on the dopamine released from eating.

    Encouraging them to lose weight politely and trying to make them realize the gravity of the unhealthiness of obesity is really all you can do.

    Just as taking an aggressive approach towards a drug addict doesn't work and will just agitate them and push them away nor will mocking and belittling an obese person to their face.

    At the end of the day it's their choice and the only thing you can do and the only thing that will work is polite encouragement and gentle attempts at intervention. Otherwise they will just view you as bullying them and your words will not reach them and they will push you away.

    In summary never once has being a jerk ever been helpful. Polite encouragement and positive reinforcement are the only things that work in this world. Showing concern and love will do a thousand times more than shaming ever will.

    I speak out of experience with diabetic family and friends. I have a friend who chose my help over their own family because their family had no tact with the situation and just made them feel worse because of it.

    If you choose to be a jerk about it you are choosing to actively make it worse.

    All you will do is make them feel bad and they will then eat those bad feelings away.

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  • Genuine question, where do people on INN see all this health denying propaganda and arguments that everyone should find overweight people attractive? Maybe I just run in the wrong circles but I’ve never personally encountered it in the wild.

    About a year ago I met a guy who disliked the term “obese” and that’s it.

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    • I remember seeing it online a few years ago and read a few articles about it. The one website where I saw it originally, I don't go to anymore, so I haven't seen it much since.

      In real life, I've never seen it. The internet's just weird. I bet if you could transfer a human there, all they would comprehend is a Lovecraftian nightmare with a sign that vaguely spells out "Reddit".

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  • It is disgusting and I sometimes wonder how so many people are ok with being like that. Its the whole culture. People will sit around and snack all day. You shouldnt even be eating snacks. Its the whole culture of eating causing it.

    And it doesnt help that everything they recommend thats healthy is the opposite. They tell you to eat cereal in the morning you might as well eat a cookie for breakfast. Its the same ingredients but the cereal may have even more sugar.

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  • I know people who are only obese due to a medication, for example my mother was a normal weight until she started taking anxiety medication and it made her gain a lot of weight

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  • Fat power jk yes making fat normal isn't a good thing but you can't change people. I used to be obese but I lost weight because I finally confronted both my mom and sister about shaming me for not over eating for over 10 years my sister called me disgusting for being a healthy weight an not overeating everyday

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  • I'm 400 lbs.

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  • America has been fat for a while but I feel like there's been a new surge of morbidly obese people within the last few years. Like 350+ pounds. Usually you'd only see these people at Walmart, McDonald's, or the Goldan Corral but now it's everywhere, and especially children are way fatter than they used to be. I think this is why "skinny" is trending again (i.e Kim K, Bella Hadid and a bunch of celebs lost weight) because it's increasingly being seen as a rarity

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    • Just in case it comes up, I accidentally hit Report on this. Didn't mean to do that, the mobile UI for this site is just wonky.

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