Is it also normal to get help from people i don't know?

Whenever I ask things I feel like it is somewhat helpful, they have probably gone through the same things as me that is why I talk more as well as open more to people I know in real life. The second thing I would also want to point out is that when I do ask someone on this website for help, I also feel like they could guide me and tell me what I need to do. I don't ask things for the sake of asking or asking for attention. I only ask when I have to ask, this is one of them. What I also want to point out is that when I talk to other people on this website I feel like I am open more to their opinions.

Then there's the disadvantages, the disadvantages is that there's trolls and people who have 0 purpose other than to say distasteful things to me.

The more I seek help the more I feel like I will make the most of it.

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  • Just be careful.

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  • What about people who try to seem like they're helping but they're really just intricately messing with you? Deal with that a few times and it becomes really hard to find people who's advice you'd appreciate.

    The best thing to do is rationalize as much as you can and then back track a little when asking for advice, that way you can compare where you went and where they're saying and maybe get some ideas on how to keep going

    Asking for advice can also show you what you don't want to do, if someone offers cheap advice or something

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  • That’s what this site was intended for

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    • Is it used for it? Yes. Is its main reason for existing? Kinda.
      Are there trolls under the bridge?
      ||/ \||
      || ||
      ||| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ |||

      I've tried editing to make it work and it just isnt making an image work correctly ;(

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