Is it acceptible?

My nephews on my brother's side has a step sister named Katie who always had a crush or infatuation for me since she was a little girl. I am 25 years older than her, she is now in her 30's. Unfortunately due to my brother passing on in 2013, at his wake, Katie was told something bad about me by one of my nephews wife, who's a real BITCH! and wanted to hurt me. But now Katie Hates me, wants nothing to do with me. I wrote her a letter after the funeral trying to explain i am not the kind of person she thinks i am, and to give me a chance to get to know me better. But my nephews don't want me bothering her anymore, so i had to stop getting in touch with her. I just hope she will one day get past her resentment towards me and give US! a chance to spend some time together to see if a romance could blossom. What do you think, is it acceptable or not?

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