Is it a good sign if a man wants to look good for you

We were coworkers who stayed in touch only worked together two months knew each other year but weren't a thing but now we might be and he never cared about looking good when we went out but now he seems to unless is it in my head?

He keeps saying he's going to the gym to me and he gained a little muscle and flexed his arms to me. And he knows I don't like buzz cuts because I've said it in general now he's growing his hair out and he's actually really into his hair he wasn't into any of his looks before now he goes to gym talks about what workouts he's doing, growing hair out and styling it and looking fancy when he meets with me and flirting a lot.

And seems we are more. He even says to me "want to go shopping you can tell me what looks the most attractive because I suck at styling clothes and I can model for you" and asked me if I think his hair style looked nice I said really attractive and he said "that's all the approval I need"

Or is it just friends?

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  • He's interested in you as more than just a simple friend.

    That does not necessary mean marriage... but, he might be thinking that if other things work out well.

    I don't see how you have anything to loose by going along and starting to take more of an interest in him.

    Real friends - people you actually have known for a long time - often make the best partnerships.

    I wish you the best with this.

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  • That’s cute!

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  • Thats a good quality. Ive seen so many good looking ppl from highschool just balloon up 50 pounds after they start a relationship. Maybe he would stay looking good if yall went long twrm

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  • He is using you as a fashion advisor. You'll have to pick things that all the girls like, or you'll get fired.

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  • Don’t let a woman dress you, come on guy.

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