Is it a good idea to date inexperienced man

The guy I am dating is inexperienced and I am myself because ive never had sex but that aside ive -almost- had sex and ive definietely made out with guys. Ive been waiting for a right one....
I doubt this guy im with has done -anything-... he has told me his dating history which is 2 long distance relationships and few random dates with few different women from tinder until they ghosted him. I can see why he got ghosted because hes not exciting or cool and he could be seen as a bit of a mamas boy in some ways but hes very fun when you get to know him and ive been patient hehe....
He cant kiss he asks if he can kiss me and then he doesnt do anything. He doesnt use tounge which is good because I hate tounge and every guy always has to push his tounge in yuck! but he doesnt do anything with his lips he just puts them on mine........ and he doesnt touch me.
This tells me he for sure has never made out with a woman.
He doesnt know what hes doing with kissing how will he know what to do with..... everything else.....? Is this good or bad to learn together?? I think he could be very good boyfriend but im a bit worry because experienced man would know but I dated them before and they didnt like me that I am more inexperienced and I want to wait until it feels right. They just laughed at me that call me delusional that I think its possible to find a man who can love me so he will wait with me but now I have soooo....? I think we are on the same level except I know intimacy better than him but not MUCH better..... But he is good man he always want to pay on dates and he listen to me and he is funny.

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  • Yes that man can be taught I can’t I’ll shake anything even my own mother if I wanted to

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  • Date whoever you're attracted to. Their "experience" shouldn't make a difference

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