Is is normal to hate when people love you and love when people hate you

I've been feeling this way for 5 years or so...
You see I like ruining relationships and friendships I have with others so that they either stop talking to me or so that they physically or emotionally hurt me. I hate it when people love/care about me because I don't feel like I deserve care. I deserve and thrive off of hate. Even if it ruins my emotional state.

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  • Gee and I thought I was weird...

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  • You need to see a therapist instead of asking people online what their opinion on this is. You will not find what you are looking for on this website.

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  • Thats very immature and is a insecure behavior. You sound really toxic, but the first part in fixing it is realizing it. Now that you know you are like this try to fix it.

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