Is is normal he treats me this way

My bf or should I say ex really treats me like crap ill try to have a conversation with him and if its not something he's interested in he will ignore me or roll his eyes makes me feel like crap he tries to tell me what to wear how to have my makeup etc just basically makes me feel like I'm worthless is this normal also have any of you guys any idea why he does it all I've done is be good to him took him in when he lost his house cooked his meals etc this man has got me to the point where I would rather be dead than put up with his behavior and mind games I also want to add tht his mom committed suicide 10yrs because of him and his behaviour he really does make you feel like crap

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  • Pack it in. He's abusive and it never gets better.

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  • It is a normal thing for a person to act like this when they have self insecurities. He is a piece of shit your bf, I don't recommend staying with him in the long run because he will only constantly demean you. I know this because I was once this shitty boyfriend in the past to my ex girlfriends, do yourself a favor and leave him. It will suck for you and hurt you to do this but its the only way out.

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  • I thought you said he was your ex? If he's your ex then you need to forget about him and move on with your life, because he's just a piece of shit who treated you very badly.

    Is he still living with you? If he's your ex then he shouldn't be living with you. If he's still living with you please take the plunge and kick his sorry ass out of your home. I'm sorry if I sound rather accusatory, but I dunno I'm getting a bad feeling. Anyways, if haven't kicked him out please do so, even if he doesn't have a place to stay or whatever. Seriously, he sounds like an awful person!

    If you honestly feel like you don't want to live then you probably need to seek out professional help ASAP! He's not worth your pain and heartache, and that piece of shit bastard certainly isn't worth taking your life over.

    I hope you don't mind my saying that it might really help you to take a break from dating to work on yourself and heal. Try to learn what it was about that awful bastard that attracted you to him or what it is about you that attracted that bastard to you.

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  • doesn't sound good. If it doesn't get better I'd leave or risk being stuck in a horrible relationship forever

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  • That's really awful i will definitely suggest staying as far away from him as possible before he does more damage. He is projecting how he feels about himself on you. He sounds narcissistic and needs serious help, but only he can do that. No matter how much you try to help him he will never change. He needs to experience things in life and if he has someone around always helping he will never learn what he needs to learn and will always be a shitbag. Stay away from him and focus in you. He can't make you happy, that needs to come within and only you can do that for yourself. He may promise over and over he will or can change...dont buy it

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  • If it is your Ex, then just don't talk or associate with him.

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  • He's a user and he doesn't respect or care about you: you deserve better. Move on

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  • There are two sides to this story. And your side sounds kind of fucked up. Inconsistent. You sound whacked out. You're lying about something here, aren't you? Lots of female trolls on this site.

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