Is in normal to have dreams about setting fire to schools?

So, for the past few weeks I've been having a reoccurring dream (With slight differences) about lighting my old high school on fire. Usually there are lots of people in the building that get hurt and/or killed. Most of these people are my friends. In the dream I am usually just watching from a window. The worst thing is, I love to set fire to things in the real world.

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  • No , but could you get into my dream and burn them down please because im sick and tired of dreams where i go back to school or college. i have three degrees and have fucking lectured scientists. why in the hell would i be a pupil again. im sure if i am sent to hell by a creator it will be a damn classroom.

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  • Who doesn't love a good fire? Having your friends be there to watch it with you only makes it better.

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  • I wouldn't say that it's bad to have those dreams, dreams are dreams, after all. It may be because of some hate that you feel for your high school years. But for setting fire to things, you should probably be really careful, you don't want to ACTUALLY burn your house down :)

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  • I've thought of way more evil ways to destroy my school.
    As for your question, i guess its normal.

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