Is her mother crazy?

So I was at her parents house with her mom. I saw her mother with nice clothes and she had nice curves and wanted to make a funny compliment so when she sat down I said something like " Wow now I know why my girlfriend has such a nice curvy body, from generation to generation." Then she told me I was right and asked me to stand up she wanted to show me something. She grabbed me very hard by the Balls and I started screaming, my girlfriend had to come and calm her down.

She slapped me too and Threw a drink at me. Later after I apologized she said I'm lucky her daughter stopped her. She told me if I ever disrespected her again she would make sure I couldnt make another generation. My girlfriend is also slightly annoyed at me and I had to sleep on the ground for the last 2 days (we dont have a real couch, we live in a small room)

Is her mom crazy? She is Italian by the way and we had a great relationship before.

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  • She's clearly un po' pazza - or she was more than a little drunk at the time. But you saying that suggests you're either nuts too, have very poor social skills or lack a filter between your mouth and what passes for your brain.

    It's fine for guys to think that sort of thing about the female relatives of women we're involved with, but you never fricking actually say it.

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    • ^^^

      OP will make a good addition to their crazy family. Maybe if he learns some Italian he can be inappropriate in their native language and see if he gets castrated?

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    • I agree with this! That was definitely not the most kosher thing to say to your girlfriend's mother, and definitely comes off inappropriate.

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  • Sounds like a fantasy troll story

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  • Now you know why Italians tend to be nice mannered to Ladies.

    They know how to dish it out when offended.

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  • Im sorry to my wife but if her mom grabbed my balls shes getting slapped

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  • The fact that you started screaming in your own pathetic fantasy is funny.

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  • You should not have said what you said, but she's fucking nuts(pun intended) for doing that.

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