Is everyone who's engaged and getting married, happy?

I have been told Not all couples are happy even ones getting married? Is this true?

I would think, why Mary each other if not happy?

I know this lesbian couple getting married and makes me wonder

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  • Me and my SO have been together for 15 years. The love was not instant. But that's the problem with folks now they don't want to put the time in to make something last.

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  • Obviously not. There's a multitude of reasons that people choose to get engaged/married. Unless you have zero real life experience and are basing all of your views off of television/movies or some similar superficial thing, it would be naive to think that way.

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  • Spend a while on this site sifting through the posts and you'll learn a few things...

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  • Nothing is everything.

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  • Of course not! When you put the word 'everybody' in the title, it will usually be no. Also, why the fuck is sometimes, and option?

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