Is buying organic foods worth it?

I've always bought regular, non-organic food (with the exception being if I like something that happens to be organic or if the store is out of the regular kind) because the prices are better, but I've heard mixed things about buying organic foods. Some say it's a lot to do about nothing and basically an excuse to charge more, and others claim it's much better for you. Is the difference that big, and is it worth it to splurge on organic?

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  • I'm sure it's *technically* better for you to buy organic foods, but I highly doubt it's meaningful. The only time it's worth it is if you're supporting a local farmer/gardener.

    Most people initially started buying organic food to avoid supporting The Monsanto Company. Not to stay healthy.

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  • Its never "worth" it.

    You will still get pesticides included in it.

    The only time where organic might be worth it is in mushrooms, which most of the time is an inherently organic prossess with industrial farming of it.

    Idk why you would want a fruit or vegetable that will go bad within 2 days of buying it.

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  • Berkley recently did a study on Atrazine and it makes frogs grow different genitals because it washes away from the plants into the streams. We arent talking about high levels they put the frogs in for the tests either they tested with the same amount found in their natural waters. The level allowed in US drinking water is 30x the amount to literally turn an adult frog into a hermaphrodite. Eating organic might help but just by drinking US water alone you will be getting a lot of these harmful chemicals that are proven to reduce testosterone and put you at higher risks for cancer. Its totally banned in Europe but its the 2nd most popular herbicide used in the USA. Google it it'll blow your mind that its not banned here.

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  • I like to buy meat potatoes and garlic, onions and mushrooms. I dont know if it's organic but it's good and tasty snd nutritious. Ive seen organic written on my milk either but its worth buying. So whatever organic means probably not

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  • It depends. A lot of it is hype because there's no standard for organic. There are some vegetables that are grown with more pesticides and those are known as the "dirty dozen" so it's probably better to buy them organic.

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  • Most of the type of people who buy organic were injected with human pesticide so it kind of defeats the purpose.

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