Is anyone having any fun?

Do you know what's fun? Having a good time with weirdos (insert normal commentary here). No one has a good time with weirdos or anyone like that. If you're weird, when was the last time your mate bought you a beer? Hmmmm! Is anyone giving honours to the poor weirdos struggling to be great? What's your opinion? They give honours to ordinary people in the guise of great art, but what about weirdos getting rewards for rebellion and creating something interesting and different? I don't do honours, and I'm certainly not having fun with the pigs who treat me like the only one who's the bad guy. Maybe they wouldn't be such a pig if I was acting normal! Wouldn't you agree? It's not just Aussie guys doing this to strange Australians, it's American guys, Italian guys, and even Indian guys, these people are "authentic", weirdos, bizzarros and nobody is enjoying them the way they are, and furthermore if it's in any way perfect, that's a load of fun isn't it? People poking at you for being perfect, giving you a hard time! Perfect people are treated as if there's always room for improvement, nobody ever says "I love you perfect man!". About being perfect everyone feels like screaming at it, you know that? They feel like being in terror of anything good about you, they're scoundrels, that's why they're anti-perfectionists, they're a fucking criminal! A thug, an arsehole bastard! It doesn't have to be perfect? Isn't beauty, if not flawless, a perfection? Isn't it having the time of your life? The only fun I get with these people, whoever they are, is when a woman is kissing me or sucking my dick, it's even fun when a bloke's doing it! I have been gay before, it's a sexual perversion. It turns deviant, away from proper and accepted sexuality. Gay sex is the gentle, soft sex unlike normal sex, and is just as dirty. What it's not: it's not evil, it's not a sin to be gay. Gay is gay and it enforces a stereotype, it's not the way you dress, or keeping the moustache and shaving the beard, or dressing unmanly. Gay people dress often like macho men and are very hard to spot. No normal (yet not deviant) man wants to get flaming with a gay man, and none of them are having a good time with them. Gay is different, but it's OK to be straight, it's OK to be a man. And no-one tells you this but it's OK to be a genius, it's OK to understand and have a brain. What do doctors know about mental illness? No one who has a mental stupidity is a genius, no one! Geniuses are sane people. But is anyone celebrating a genius's education? Is anyone having a beer and making a toast to the health of a genius? No! They disrespect them, being difficult and stubborn with everything a genius does! Is anyone having fun? Is it fun to face a grotesque, hideous reality?

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