Inn to like music that doesnt loop but changes in the middle of it? erc

well I have this problem with music, I hate all music except classical and that does not have rythm or beat to it. and does not loop.

I like a song thingy that changes within the middle or near the end like Alot of songs mixed or being continually created within the one.

I don't like music people like, i like weird stuff, I like parody funny music or weird?

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  • If you're going to ask a question about music, it would be good if you had the vocabulary to make some sense.

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  • One song you might like maybe if called "nightmare" by Merciful Fate.
    The first couple verses "loop" but after that it takes all kinds of strange turns.

    When I hear that song, it makes me wonder if they just pieced together parts of other songs that were not finished or didn't make the cut.

    Another is "Calico Jack" by Running Wild.

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  • Paragraph #1: like this?

    Paragraph #2: like this?

    Paragraph #3: like this?

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