In your opinion, who was the most successful steroid user in all of sports?

Just wondering, back when athletes were all using steroids to improve their athletic performance? Who do you think was the best athlete who took or used steroids? I’d say maybe like Barry Bonds or Mark McGwire maybe?? Who do you think is best steroid athlete?

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  • Lance Armstrong maybe.

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  • Its hard to say because we dont know who all was on steroids. I personally have always been suspicious of Mike Tyson being a juicer really because he came up when steroids were first starting to be used and they werent really testing for them. And he looked like he had the testosterone of a bull and looked bigger than any of those body builders in those no steroid league . And now at 53 hes definitely on the juice to look how he does now. He's probably been a career juicer but I think most people were in boxing in thr late 80s and 90s.

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