In my recent past from 18 years old, why did people think i was an asshole?

It's a very complicated situation, of course it is, even when I didn't think I was stupid or annoying, some genius (in a sarcastic way), I was receiving people pissed off at me, I don't know why they thought I was an asshole.

It turns out I smashed furniture very late at night, I didn't know it was so loud, and I walked past the house, they said "asshole", this was in Australia, I don't understand it, I was acting like an Australian, off to the servo to buy cigarettes, I came back home, doing other things the neighbours hate, I don't know why, I thought this was appropriate, I had the flag displayed in my house, the next day I went out ordering a decaf soy latte, if you think that's not normal, I beg to differ, I was a vegetarian, failing to be vegan, and so it goes I drank it, at the age of 38 I sat down on the bench in Parabanks eating sushi in front of a hairdresser, and the man behind me said "asshole" behind my back, I don't understand it, I was just eating.

On another day I attempted at being selfless, showing consideration and people called me an asshole. Do you know why?

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