In laws all doctors and engineers makes me feel low?

My sister and brother in laws are all doctors or engineers and it makes me feel like I'm nothing in their presence. The thing is one of them is not too smart they just had a lot of help from their family so it's hard to hold a conversation with them but since they became a doctor they mention it every chance they get and mention how they make 6 figures.

They didn't even work or hold any job until they were 27. They mooched off their parent's money and did nothing but travel around the world no responsibilities. Their parents bought them their own house when they were 22. I worked since I was 15 I struggled a ton. They had a dream life so their health was top notch before entering a medical degree.

I attempted a degree but because my health was crap and I've never had any good days I had to pull out of it and just work self employed for my own online business but I only make $35k a year. They know this too and rub it in by saying "must be tough not to be able to afford to travel on your salary". This is the dumb one saying this most. My husband is close to them so I can't avoid them. But all of them discuss doctor things when I'm there and it hurts because I have limitations from health issues they had none and get to be healthy happy and rich and rub salt in the wound.

They never ask about my job or care they really treat me like I'm nothing when I've worked so much harder for what I have no free passes for me. They'll talk about their family trips from their childhood when they went to freaking Sweden, Portugal or England and I'm there silent because I never went on vacation as a kid. I just helped my family scrape by with bills while our electricity was turned off because they couldn't afford it and help them with work after school and got a job at 15 and that's my life and these people talk about going to Sweden for the 8th time and having been to 60 countries shut the hell up priviledged dumbasses.

Sorry end rant

Is it normal?

Is It Normal?
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  • You sound like you have very low self esteem. I think that's the real issue here.

    Don't get me wrong, those guys are dicks to you. I'm not disputing that BUT you can control how you respond to their dick behaviour. Don't allow then to make you feel like this. Be proud of yourself and your own achievement. Shake off the memories of your past struggles and get stuck into something that you CAN do that makes you feel good.

    I know a lot of doctors. Most of them avoid mentioning it at all costs because they don't want people asking them loads of questions and showing them body parts (yes, it happens all the time). The ones who go on about being doctors all the time are usually the ones who aren't very good and don't have much self confidence.

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  • That is pretty rude of them to discuss their salaries in front of you

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  • If it makes you feel better, engineers are useless and one often has to ignore them in order to get the job done correctly.

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  • Obviously, avoid people who make you feel bad.

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  • Yes, it is quite normal to feel that way. "I'm there silent (...)" is where I think you're not helping yourself. All the things that followed in that sentence are your history and you don't have to feel low because you had a different background and career, those are the things that make you YOU. Why can't you share your experiences as well? I'm guessing you feel uncomfortable around them, which would answer that question. You sound angry and you seem to feel unseen but if you're silent just ruminating those thoughts it won't change. You have to approach it differently if you want different results. Does this make sense to you?

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