Imagine your lifespan as a pie

How many slices are gone? Heheh.

A few times, when I wanted to die, I was actually relieved when I pictured my own fruit pie.

Let's say the pie has 10 slices.

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  • I have a sheet of graph paper on which I've marked off every month of my life with a red X. It goes to 100 years I think. I started it when I was about 10.

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  • I cut the slices very small

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  • If you find yourself clicking "Ten, remember back when?", you're not actually here. You're on your death bed, having your life flash before your eyes.

    Not adding up? This post was actually a memory from your previous life in 2019. Still not adding up? More specifically, you're in a dream influenced by what you saw in life.

    You clicked something else in this post before, but as you lie dying, collapsing into yourself, you remember this post, and know what you must click.

    The "past" and "future" are simply to lines of time that exist, stretching along in the endless plain of the universe.

    These strains touch at the only solid reality graspable to the living- the present. This phenomenon happens at the time of reincarnation.

    Quickly, attention! You won't make the same mistakes this time! "I gotta remember! I can hear someone is calling my name!"

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  • tree fiddy

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  • At least half a pizza

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