Im to empty to care

When I was younger I started having nightmares about killing and eating people mostly my friends and family at first I was both aroused and disgusted with myself then as the "nightmares" became daydreams and fantasy's I lost that sick feeling and it was about that time I stopped feeling very much of anything I just stopped giving a shit about anything else except those thoughts and eventually people started to notice so I put on a MASK this mask protected me from the people who wanted to pull my thoughts from my head like a rat in a lab through the years the mask is so easy to pull off and put back on because those fantasy's are still there and my stomach still growls and my mouth still waters at the thought of eating people and I still get aroused by the thought of ripping open someone these thoughts never stop and I know I'm sick for it but I've stopped giving careing idk if I'm normal but maybe I'm not the only one out there

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