Im so miserable

my story begins 35 years ago i dated a girl in my teens and we fell in love . we had a son very young and we saved and got a place of our own . but us been so young early 20s life got bit boring as i was told and i was always out working .the love of my life start going out and had affair . she got pregnant in affair . and soon after the birth it came out she was playing around and child wasnt mine and we split up . her new relationship went from bad to worse and she found herself pregnant again .the man didnt stick around and i helped out when i could . but we soon start seeing eachother again . we decided to try again and everything was going well till kids got older and life of hell i have . i now regret wverything and got to stage i hate them and myself . i ask myself everyday why .

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  • I don't blame you. I probably wouldn't want to get back with her if I were a man. I'd probably just laugh in her face, and call her a stupid whore. I don't think I could ever take care of kids that weren't mine.

    I'm a woman, and I have never felt sorry for women who cheat on their husbands, get pregnant by their lovers and then have the audacity to expect their husbands to forgive them, and raise some other man's bastard children. It's selfish, and gross. Cheaters make me sick more than I can describe in words.

    If I were a man in your shoes I would just sue her ass for custody of my son, and then maybe hit her up for child support. I don't have children so this is something I don't have an informed opinion on to tell you the truth.

    I don't think I could ever get back with someone who cheated on me, and especially not if the conception of a child was part of the infidelity.

    It kinda disgusts me how many people don't use condoms.

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  • How long until you found out the kid wasnt yours?

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