Im naked around my own home

It all started last month when i woke up one saturday morning.I usually sleep nude,so when i went to get some underwear,there wasn't any to put on.I threw on a long tank-top and went downstairs to the laundry room and found my mom just loading the clothes into the washing machine.She then told me the clothes would be done in a few hours.I went to eat breakfast,and sat facing torwards the living room.When my little sister came downstairs,she came in the kitchen and looked under the table.Then she asked me why i wasn't wearing underwear.I tricked her and told her we were allowed to be nude now.She yayed at the false news wnd took off all of her clothes.She sat opposite to me,and then started digging her toe in my clit!It felt good,but also weird at the same time.Every since,me and my little sister went around the house nude,and mom didnt mind.Tomarrow,im having friends spend the night.

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  • My wife is naked all the time around the home, and has been for a number of years. She is getting braver opening the door to delivery men and recently we had friends around and spent the whole time naked in front them. You can imagine the looks she got from the three guys who were there, later in bed that night we had amazing sex telling me she was so hot and wet knowing that they were looking at her naked body. So yes, it's total natural to be naked at home if you are comfortable with it.

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  • Pool's Closed:


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  • I regularly walk around the house naked .i am that at ease with it I actually forgot I was naked and answered the front door to next door neighbour did she get a surprise

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  • My wife also naked at home, inside and outside, no matter who is present be it my friends, family or neighbors. She has been seen even by deliverymen, maintenancemen and contractors working at our house. She is not a nudist but enjoys her freedom from clothes. When ever we go out for the evening she will dress as scandalously as she can as she loves teasing the guys. She loves being topless or naked as she drives/rides naked and talking to the truckers on the CB. We have even pulled into truckstops and had conversations with them. She is not a nudist but an exhibitionist as I feel she is.

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  • how old are you and your sister ?

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    • Im 15 my sis is 13.

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      • Have either one of you ever seen a naked male 7 inch long boner cock in person ?
        Did you eat each other's bald cunt and stick toys and your Mom's dildos and vibrators in each other's twat and booty holes ?
        Did you sit on each other's face and deep rim each other's assholes ?
        Do you have a Dad and brother that you have seen naked ?
        Do they have big cocks and balls ?

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  • How old are you

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  • My husband is nude all the time at home. I usually will stay dressed in at least shorts and t-shirt or sweats. Nudity is normal for some people and others are more modest. His nudity was something I had to accept if I wanted to be with him, now its normal in our relationship for him to be nude.

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  • Hello lena dunham...............

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  • Being nude at any age is a great feeling. We are all nude at home most of the time. It is not a big deal unless you you make it so. It doesn't matter who you are naked with. It is the best lifestyle one can have.

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