Im in love with my ex and we have reconnected

Ive been in love with my ex for almost 10 years. Unfortunately we both have mental health issues. He has unhealthy coping mechanisms...
We broke up after a year but remained close platonic friends.
Eventually I wanted him back.
He didnt take me back. Our friendship fell apart not long after.
Years passed with no contact but I have never forgotten him.
After several years he texted me. We talked a few times. He said that we should get back together and that he is ready now, more mature. I told him no and it started a fight because he felt I had lead him on. In a way I had. Now are in touch again, and he is going to move here.
He is a strong person who always made me feel safe and whom always respected me. We've always had a natural connection. Our first date we talked and joked like we'd known each other forever.
He gave me high standards with how he went out of his way for me and respected me. No one else has lived up to them.
But there is the backside to it and that is his mental health. The issue isnt his mental health itself but how he neglects it. I go to therapy and I acknowledge and talk about my problems while he gets upset sometimes angry if the people around him wont play along with everything being fine. He tries his best though he is a fighter. He carried me through so much shit on top of everything he was dealing with. All other men with anxiety and/or depression ive met has demanded reassurance, to be babied and they never challenged themselves. Me and my ex are people who push ourselves out of our comfort zones. We are extremely similar, apart from his toxic coping mechanisms. Eventually he always feel he needs to get away. Hes always escaping his own mind physically... I fought hard to help him in the past and I helped him overcome his social phobia but thats all. I wish that could've been all he was struggling with... He is a very unhappy person but he has the most beautiful heart. I dont think I can reject him. I know a relationship wouldnt work for long but I have met so many people and I havent loved anyone. Hes the only man ive ever loved. How does one live with knowledge like this?

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