Iit i have dreamt of what happened before my life

I have this very vivid memory of a dream i had near to the date of my third birthday, i was seeing a pitch black image, without conciousness, when i start seeing parts of my life when i was a baby, but un third person, then, i start watching my third birthday, again in third person. The "camera" kept going slowly to my grandma's room, and as soon as they dream ends, i wake up there. I have a feel that something or someone was controling me until that time. I still think that would make up for a good story. Just wanted to post it because it was interesting to me.

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  • It’s possible to create memories from stuff you have heard or think you experienced as a small child. I feel like I can remember my christening and can see it in first person even I was only 6 months old and couldn’t possibly remember it.

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