Iint to ignore/avoid my friend

when they are with their other friends? so i have a friend who has other friends whom i dont know and tbh theyre kinda dickheads so whenever i see my friend with them i will avoid my friend completely and pretend i didnt notice them. of course if i see my friend by themselves or with their friend that i like and calm with then i will definitely go upto them as i would normally but certain friends i will just avoid them fully and i know that if i did go upto them i wouldnt even end up speaking to them anyways

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  • Try not to be so needy. You said you don't know your fiend's friends so why assume they're dickheads? People enjoy other peoples company for a variety of reasons and oftentimes it has nothing to do with you.

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    • you dont have to know someone to know if theyre an ass or not, you can tell a lot from their attitude, or when hearing them

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  • Right which one is it, thirty pieces of silver or possession by the devil?

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