Iinn to feel sexy even tho im asexal

I dont like to be told you are sexy (maybe smexy) but I like to feel this because I know im sexy but its my choice.
I like t think when I meet the right peartner I be smexy for him or her only and it will be very fun but its an aesthetic for me not to wanna the fuck but you kno what I mean? ++ im funny and congrats to ukraine toniht in the eursicvison music contest mihihihi

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  • first of all, if you're under 18, which it sounds like you are, you aren't asexual. It's normal for kids to not be interested in sex or be disgusted by it. secondly, if you have ever fapped to porn including anime boys if you're a girl which it sounds like you are, you aren't asexual. brings me to my next point, if you are female, you likely aren't asexual. normal females don't have the same sex drive as males/transwomen, sexpositive bulshitters etc. so that aside. if you fap to non existent things or yourself only, you can be asexual. especially if you're autistic, which it sounds like you could be.

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  • I'm going to tell you this now, you're not sexy.

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  • Asexual people don't desire partners. That's called being a poser

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  • I don't know what that feels like because I am not asexual, but bully for you, if that's how you feel. I wish I was asexual.

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