IINI think my husband is having an affair

I don't like to talk/listen to or hang out with my husband in public because he's an obnoxious embarrassing looking redneck.so I found less attractive women from my women clubs to go to dinner and watch sports and talk about monster trucks and fishing with him. They seem to getting closer than I would like and I am afraid they are going to have sex because we haven't done it for eleven years because I am passed that phase in the relationship.I have told them to stop talking so much and my husband got really mad.

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  • We'll if you're not intimate with your husband in 11 years what do you expect him to do? What do you mean you're past that phase? A relationship just doesn't stop because of a phase of yours. I think you're childish for not liking to hang out with your man because of the petty reasons you have mentioned. And now your jealous because he is hanging with other women now. Lady grow up! I hope he is able to get some good loving from those other women because it's obvious that you gave up on him 11 years ago. Geesh.

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  • you: I'm cruel and judgemental and I've failed to hold up my end of this relationship.
    Husband: hey look, someone who doesn't think I'm a disgusting redneck and values me as a person.

    What do you think is going to happen?

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  • "Hey ugly friend come date my husband, but don't fall in love with him because I want him for appearances " said no wife ever. TROLL#

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  • why are you married to someone you are embarrassed to be seen in public with?

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  • Fuck off back to Mexico,he deserves better than that!

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  • sounds like your hubbie is smartening up and finding out he ain't so bad after all!

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