Is it normal wine removes my headache

I have headaches almost everyday sometimes horrible ones and no I dont know why its been like that for like 8years and ive just gotten "thats normal" from all doctors so idfk.
I still like to take wine on fridays because im a good person I never even smoked a cig once in my whole life so I think I should be allowed... well I notice one thing and that is my headache disappears when I have wine even though I only drink red wine.
IS this normal ???

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  • I'm not sure if it's normal or not, but oddly, I have the opposite issue. Wine and alcohol in general cause headaches for me if I drink more than a single glass.

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  • Alcohol has a physiological effect on the blood vessels and other body parts.

    You should mention this to your DR. They may be able to prescribe a medication that produces the same physiological effects and get rid of your headaches. There are specific medications that work for certain migraine headaches (not all migraine headaches).

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  • Maybe it works for you but i would bet that if you drink too much it would worsen your headache.
    The best trick I found for headaches was soaking your feet in hot water for at least 15-20mins. Put your head back and relax.

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