Is it normal why is it aLWAYS MY FAULT

so I a m really close to
my younger brother ,but don't have a good relationship with my dad.The last time I went there we almost came to blows. I have asked if we could meet in a neutral place, but my mom wants me to cultivate our relationship together and guilt trips me for being the reason my brother is emancipating himself from them.It is always my fault he has emotional problems and my mom has high blood pressure because I fight with my dad if I have to see him.That I should except his bad behavior with a smile.I can't do that so I stay away from him.But want to be aloowed to see my brother. I dunno get how this bs is all my fault.

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  • Your parents are natcissists, they're making everything about them. Everything is 'oh look what you guys are doing to US!' Not thinking about what they have done to you guys or considering what problems you have, it's always only about how it affects them. All you can really do is limit or cut off contact because it's unlikely that they will ever stop being so self-centered.

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  • Well, I do not know exactly what your dad does. However, I see it just like this if you and your dad are fighting he has just as much responsibility to keep calm as you do. The health problems your mum are facing are not only your fault and your fault only. If your dad is auguring with you they are just as much his fault as well.

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  • Why do you have to fight with your father when visiting his home ?

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  • Most sons want to beat the crap out of their dads (me included)

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