Is it normal while watching ghw bush's funeral

Is it normal while watching GHW Bush's funeral I can't help but think Jill Biden is a very sexy woman?

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  • I'm so behind on the news. You've just informed me that he's dead.

    I wonder if I should be concerned that I first heard of that on IIN... :/

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    • No Lorna you should not be concerned about it, here is why -
      No one really knows or cares if a Bush dies. I didn't know til running across this thread right now.

      But if you mean finding out on this particular forum, consider this -

      IIN is a forum with a lot of distinguished, intelligent members. People here often pose brilliant questions or points of discussion. The member's average IQ here is typically 135 or higher. There are a lot of socially graceful, sexy, rich people here. If this forum were a real life gathering, it would be in a fancy, invitation only ball room where every man was in a suit and tie and all the women in beautiful dresses with their hair in an up-do. Outside in the valet-parking garage there would be Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Audi...

      OK ok so it would actually be in a trailer park with a bunch of hillbilly guys in overalls driving Fords and chevys who would go around asking the women if he could sniff their buttholes.

      But yeah, Bush is dead.

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    • Yes, Papa Bush has passed away. May he RIP.
      There were very nice eulogies.

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