Is it normal what is the stupidest fight you ever had with your spouse?

I just had the worse fight with my spouse about the proper way to boil water for spaghetti because her daughter didn't not put it on the correct setting. The correct setting is four and she had it on 2 or three. The pan was also crooked.

The three of us ended up having an all out war and My stepdaughter swore a lot and touched the string on my coat.So I threatened to called the cops on her, for assault and battery. Which resulted in my wife leaving and my stepdaughter texting me to never ask me for help if I am gonna be so fucking fussy. I don't get why she is overeacting to alittle criticism. She must be on her period.

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  • She mad about something else.

    Typically when couples have big arguments over little shit, it's mostly because one or both partners are upset about something else and haven't dealt with it or unable to properly approach what's making them so stressed/upset, so instead it comes out in burst over stupid crap like this. Like, there are marriages out there that end over unwashed dishes, that's how serious this shit is.

    I say divorce the bitch if she can't handle her emotions like an adult, but we all know you're not going to do that; so what you really need to do is be the super chill person in the relationship that sees the bigger picture. Sit her down and be like, "Hey, that fight over spaghetti got really out of hand and spaghetti ain't that serious, is there anything bothering you that you want to talk about? Is work okay? How are your parents' doing? Have I been doing anything lately that's making you sad?"

    If she's not a crazy bitch, then this should work. Just stay calm and communicate.

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  • Seems to me like you had a perfectly valid point. Ask any Italian, and they'll tell you that four is the correct setting for spaghetti.

    You're better off with your wife and stepdaughter out of your life. Some people just have no standards, and they'll drag you down to their level.

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  • Did she salt the water though?

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  • I think I don't have enough information. Who started the conflict? What did you say and what did she say at the beginning of the actual fight. Also, being on her period is not an excuse for this.

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  • Hmm, I dunmo... maybe you're just a bitch?

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