Is it normal we were friends at first sight ?

I find it hard to make friends these days but I decided to try take a chance and change that a few months back.

At my local pet store, there was this girl around my age who would always stare at me when ever I'd go in.
That was only reason why I pursued to get to know her because this intrigued me and she looked sweet.
One time, her boss (who I have known for years), asked her to help me out with something.
She obviously had to talk to me and that was the first time we spoke :)
When her, her boss & I were all talking, I got the notion she was on my reptile group as well.
I caught her name from her boss so I decided to search her up on Facebook in the reptile group and I found her!
Since we had only briefly spoken once I was reluctant to add her, because we had no other interaction besides her staring at me and that brief conversation that day. I remember thinking should I? Shouldn't I add her? Will she think I'm weird or a stalker (even though I'm a girl lol)
I eventually thought fuck it, will add her and just say that I thought I'd add ya because I think we have a lot in common e.t.c

Well that's how I made my first friend in a while ! We haven't officially hung out properly but she's really keen to and we often talk on fb or I go see her at her work

is it normal we were friends at first site ?

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  • My best friend and I are friends from first sight. I'd say it's normal.

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  • That's good you've found a friend. The staring wasn't weird. Humans are attracted to each other by sight in lots more ways than just sexually.

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    • Thankyou for the reply! Ah yes true though most people tend to think staring = flirtation or attraction

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  • Why no one comment! You people suck! All you like to comment on are fucked up sexual posts and if it's not a fucked up post, you aren't interested in commenting.


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