Is it normal we act as if we are together yet I'm not sure if she likes me?

I'm always bantering, playfully teasing and joking around with my cousin.
We haven't known each other that long but we connect so well I feel like I've known her my whole life! I often do romantic things like compliment her, buy her random gifts or even a bunch of flowers to make her day, put a smile on her face. Her smile makes my day and I know I love her as well as have a crush but I'm not sure if she feels somewhat similar? We sometimes hold hands, she says cute things like how she always thinks of me and how I always make her smile. Once she said " I don't know if you have feelings for me?"
I said "Maybe I can't help it " with a cheeky smile. She said that's flattering ;p
Was she asking this in a joking way? She says other things like you can look but not touch...and I always check you out :p We are usually all over each other, or at least I am and that eggs her on.
I text her today saying u are pretty, crazy & a little lady and she replied with a similar compliment but she used the "you're my cousin " line again. Is she cousin zoning me? Does she have feelings that she's afraid of ? Help please?
PS I'm a female

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  • Cousin-zoning... That's a new one to me. I really hope this doesn't become a thing (i.e. "IIN my hot sister is sibling-zoning me?!," or "IIN my mom is parent-zoning me?!")

    Come on girl, not everyone is down to fuck their own family.

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    • It's not about fucking !!
      I'm not a sick freak of a guy who fcks anything with a pulse.

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      • Thats too bad cause you really should fuck her. It sounds like you two would be good together.

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        • Do you have anything useful to say besides that ? My main question is do you think she had feelings for me too?

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    • I should have included in my post for people with nothing good/helpful to say to keep their pitiful criticism to themselves.
      With having said that...
      It' not the same as fucking parents or siblings. Twit

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      • Such a tantrum you're throwing here, like an emotional ass teenager, which you probably are.

        Anyway, the girl is your cousin, and she even reiterated the obvious to you. Either come out and say how you feel, or stop being so pushy hoping she'll get the hint and feel the same way.

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        • Actually I'm just sick of comments as such
          Yes she did/ has said this but there's been far more said in regards to "possible " feelings...All which I feel point in the direction of it leaning romantic feelings.
          For example once said "Everything happens for a reason and I'm still trying to figure out our reason "
          Well what does she mean as we are already friends so she must be implying something ?

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