Is it normal valuing looks is superficial

Is it normal that valuing a partners looks is superficial?
I cannot be attracted to someone I find ugly. I have tried to force myself and it made me hate that person because doing anything intimate with them was disgusting and felt like I was being punished.
I dont think I am superficial because for me attraction lies in something deeper than looks. One guy I was very attracted to had a really weird face and walked weirdly hunched with his shoulders due to being so tall. His face wasnt pretty to look at but I was very attracted to his vibe, his qualities and I appreciated stuff like him having a nice side profile and always smelling good and dressing well even though his style wasnt mine. Then theres the last guy ive dated who may be objectivally attractive but with a very forgettable uninteresting face and I was disgusted by him. I thought his lips were gross and his mouth too small and his face boring to look at and that he wasnt nice looking to me from a single angle and not even when he was smiling or laughing and I only found negatives about him no matter how hard I tried not to. Because I tried since he was a decent person.
My ex wasnt my type because he had brown eyes and I loved blue eyes and hated brown eyes but I still was attracted to him. Nowadays I think blue eyes are a bit creepy and I love brown eyes they look so much warmer and kinder. I dont think its superficial to reject someone for being ugly in my eyes. If a relationship has no attraction its just a friendship. Its not even mean because its not like that means everyone finds that person ugly just that I do. I can see that other people might find people attractive that I dont.

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