Is it normal ugly people are more likely to cheat

I think that ugly men are more likely to cheat.
That is because they are insecure as fuck.
Us women at least once in life tend to give an ugly guy a chance just because we are conditioned to accept less. Just look at how often a gorgeous young actress gets paired up with some middle aged ugly man who looks like an alcoholic in movies and its completely normal. And of course because it seems more safe as outwardly everyone says attractive men are more likely to cheat.
But give an ugly man a chance and you'll inflate his ego. Start acting like he's hot shit. And more likely to cheat then and you've made a fool out of yourself.
Just date attractive people if you can score attractive people.
If you can score attractive people of whatever gender you're into, then that means they're in your leauge. I mean if you can do this consistently and not sometimes. It's way better than to downgrade because you think an ugly fuck is less likely to stray and will be a better husband or wife. Love yourselves peeps.
Don't accept less. I'm just here to spread the wisdom.

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  • Studies show that you’re absolutely wrong. Attractive people cheat more, because they have more opportunities, and feel that they could “replace” their spouse easier.

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  • You sound very needy and insecure. Maybe you should be single for a while and build up your self-esteem.

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  • You sound like you're full of yourself.

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  • Attractive and ugly people will both cheat. Many people who talk about how terrible cheating is will also cheat.

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  • Gee, you need to work on your arguments, my dear.

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