Is it normal ugly people always try to date people who are taken?

There's a lady trying to come after my boyfriend at his job. He's got zero interest in her and has told her multiple times no. She says things like your wife doesn't have to know. He says he is going to lawyer up against his workplace if they keep refusing to get rid of her. She knows he's taken. He is ridiculously clingy to me and mentions me to everyone, including her. He snapped a pic of her and showed it to me. Despite being on Ozempic she's obese and she got a fupa belly and a slightly saggy face. He said she's twentyseven but she looks much older. I started laughing and he started laughing too. Many ladies have done this to him and at this point it's just funny that the typical lady who sexually harasses him looks ugly.

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  • I suppose a conventionally attractive woman isn’t going to need to resort to degrading herself to get male attention.

    Keep records of all the times she harasses him and save all messages.

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  • I don't think it's normal, but I do think it's hella gross, and people like her are human garbage!

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    • Human garbage? Why? Because a person you never even met, but you heard rumors about them being obese? Or because she's allegedly trying to get someone's boyfriend to cheat? Or are all people you deem ugly now human garbage?

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  • I agree with the above comments, she is pond water scum. However, you said something that concerns me and you need to be aware of.

    Some people, consciously or subconsciously put out vibes that I'm available, others put out signals don't even think about it.

    I'm not a 10 but not unattractive and I think I can count on one hand the number of propositions I've had in the last 20yrs, and I've worked in a field dominated by the opposite gender. At the same time I've had SOs and friends that have been hit on a lot as well as friends and 1 SO that were just like me never or seldom hit on.

    It's pretty simple to tell some people just put out that vibe even when they are not aware of it. Some give into it, others get upset because they can't understand why people continue to proposition them.

    You sound like you may have the later, but be aware, given rough times at home they can easily be turned to cheating. It feels good when someone is paying attention to you and act like they care. Especially if you're not feeling it at home. That's not to scare you, you shouldn't have to walk on eggs afraid he'll take one of the offers up.

    He needs to look inside himself and ask what kind of signals am I giving out.
    I just always had the attitude that nobody had something good enough between their legs for me to lose my job, career, spouse or SO, kids, and overall everything I have worked for. I guess that comes across so nobody trys.

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  • While this fat woman's behavior is unprofessional and abnormal, your attitude to people you consider older looking and uglier looking than you, is equally unpleasant. Do you have some deep insecurities about your looks?

    This sounds like your boyfriend's problem, not your problem. So why make a post about it? He's a grown man he can resolve his own problems. He can talk to his own boss and tell the fat woman to back off.

    Are you all working together? If you are not around when she is hitting on him, then how do you know what exactly is happening between them? Maybe it's not as it seems. After all, all you know is his side of the story.

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  • I dont feel that it is within the realm of your authority to designate others as "ugly" by your standards. Beauty is in the eyes of the beerholder. But other than serial killers and people that hurts kids really are ugly people.
    "Judge not, lest yee be judged."

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  • So basically a female neckbeard? LMAO

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  • That is harrassment. Report her

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  • No I don't!

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  • Ive had this happen to me but its always black girls. Black chics come onto dudess hard.

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  • She sounds like a basement dweller.

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