Is it normal to wonder what options a criminal would have for a last meal?

No I am not going to commit a horrendous crime just to find out...

So when someone is going to be executed, they can have pretty much anything they want for a last meal. But to what extent? I mean where would the line be drawn at "Too impractical"?

Could they at least have a triple baconator meal from Wendy's? What if they wanted something from Red Lobster?

OR... would it have to be stuff that could be picked up at the local grocery?

I know this is a weird thought I think if there were any upside to being executed, at least they could enjoy a kick-ass meal first.

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  • Who would want to f*cking eat anyway.

    I would choose beans, cabbage, broccoli and cheese. I would then spend my last hours torturing people with my ass air.

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    • Kind of what i wondered too.

      "Let's see, since I know exactly when I will die, let's make dinner plans!"

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  • You get a cup o noodle from commisary.

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