Is it normal to wish you’d grown up with certain things?

Like, sometimes I might learn about a kid show or something and think “man, I wish I knew about this as a kid!”

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  • I feel that way about the dolls in stores today. There's so many choices kids have today. When I was a kid it was only Barbie. XD

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  • I wish I'd grown up with rich parents.

    And also the internet. Google would have saved me asking stupid questions and embarrassing myself.

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  • I always wanted to have a Nintendo as a kid, but back in the day my parents were against any gaming systems as they would "dumb me down".

    I had to go to my friends houses to play stuff like Mario, Donkey Kong, Star wars squadron and Doom XD

    My parents did buy me a sick PC when I became a teenager, so I still got to play lots of videogames, but I guess they just didn't want me playing too much games while I was still too young???

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  • When I was a kid I had a old teddy bear, moving limbs, made from real fur. Probably an antique. My grandm had given it to me. Well when I moved in with my mom her dogs got ahold of it since she didnt listen to my request to keep my door shut. They destroyed it. I never could quite move past that

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    • I relate to this on a personal level.

      When I was 2 or 3, my grandmother gave me a stuffed dog. I LOVED that thing, took it everywhere with me. At some point all 4 limbs had to be sewn back on, we searched the craft store for replacement eyes, and most of its fur was matted or worn away. But I made so many memories with that stuffed dog by my side.

      I still kept it in my closet until we moved a year ago. I left it as one of the last items to be brought to the new house so I could make sure it got there along with some other cherished items. I left it up to my mother to grab it and bring it as she walked out of the house for the last time.

      A few weeks later, I go looking for the box so I can put it away safely. I looked everywhere for days. Come to find out, she forgot the box. I went back to our old home, but everything that was left in the house had been put in a dumpster and taken away, including my stuffy :(

      Yes, I’m 19. Yes, I still miss my stuffy :(.

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  • I think that's pretty normal yeah.

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