Is it normal to wipe one’s arse standing up?

People of IIN, do you wipe your anus standing up or sitting down? Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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  • I do on occasion

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  • If I do a really nasty shit and it takes a lot of wipes, I tend to try many different methods at once, e.g:
    Wipe with right hand sitting down, left hand sitting down, right hand standing, left hand standing, leaning over to the side while sitting, sometimes I even go back to front but usually only on the last wipe. Occasionally if it seems like a losing battle, I'll just squat in the shower and wash it out instead

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  • Only if its one's ass and not two's

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  • I like to wipe standing up then I just dump the paper on the floor in public toilets

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  • Yes usually I stand up. The toilet in my dorm is microscopic so I literally cannot wipe my fat ass while seated.

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  • Normal, and much easier than wiping while sitting. Plus it's probably better for you since it gives you some squatting exercise.

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