Is it normal to wear the same shoes everyday?

Same shoes everyday but not counting work boots.

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  • normal. when i moved out for uni this year i only took two of my pairs of shoes with me - an everyday pair and a fancier pair to wear to places that have a dress code.

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  • I wear the same doc martens most days, sadly the right one now has a small tear in the side so I’m having to wear a new pair in.

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  • I only wear shoes if Im going to the gym. Otherwise I wear cowboy boots everyday.

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  • I have 2 pairs of shoes, summer and winter. I hate buying shoes because 1. overpriced as hell and 2. I have overpronate which makes it incredibly difficult to find comfy shoes, especially cheap ones.
    Last two summers I wore my winter boots the whole summer though, so having summer shoes again is a new thing.

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  • You're gonna get pecuecas.

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  • If you are poor, or not into fashion

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