Is it normal to watch for abnormal people?

When I'm out at the mall or the beach, I like to sit and watch for abnormal people.

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  • Isn't that just called People Watching? It's normal.

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    • Yeah I guess but I especially like weird people.

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  • Most people are abnormal.

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  • Since there are virtually no "normal" people in the world (we are all at least a bit weird in our own way); I have difficulty comprehending why you want to watch so many people?

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  • I smile when I'm sneaking
    Through shadows by the wall
    I laugh when I'm creeping
    But you won't hear me at all

    Any back alley street
    Is where we'll probably meet
    Underneath a gas lamp
    Where the air's cold and damp

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    • I've been walking Central Park
      Singin' after dark
      People think I'm crazy
      Stumbling on my feet
      Shuffling through the street
      Asking people, "What's the matter with you, boy?"

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