Is it normal to wash your bum, but not have a shower, after pooing?

Some people want to get a clean butt after a messy poo, but don't want the trouble of getting undressed to go in the shower. There are various ways of washing your butt which don't require entering the shower cubicle. Such methods are beyond the scope of this question, and the reader may use his imagination if he is not already aware of them.

Is it normal?

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  • Are yes, the bidet. An English lady, first time in France asked "is that for washing babies in?" "No it's for washing babies out!"

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  • I’ve never understood why washing your butt after you poop is NOT the norm in the west. Why does no one want a clean bum?Wiping with just toilet paper hurts, if you’re really doing your best to wipe everything clean. I dread having to #2 in public bathrooms and sometimes bring a water bottle in with me. And by the way I’m Canadian. But my momma taught me how to clean myself properly. I even use water everytime I pee. Why not be as clean as possible at all times?

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    • Agreed, everyone should want a clean bum.

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  • Yes, it is normal to desire being clean and practicing good hygiene! I find it repulsive and disgusting to think about all those smelly, unwashed pink nether portals walking around. In my opinion, one's anus should be kept clean enough for oral sex at any time.

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  • The French use something called a bidet to clean that area after a BM.

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  • As I have pointed out I live in Thailand. Here every loo has a "bum gun." This is a small shower (like the ones hairdressers use) to wash yourself after a number 2! Years ago there was no toilet paper!

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