Is it normal to want your teacher to think of you and treat you like daughter

I am 15 and I don't talk to my parents at all about my problems or anything really. I'm not close with my parents. I have this teacher that teaches at my school and she has a son and he is 7. I haven't been in great places at home and I had asked her to talk and she talked to be about it and comparied it to her life to show me how hard it is as a mom sometimes and why parents fight or argue after I talked with her she asked me if everything was better and I said "yes" and she gave me a big hug. I had talked to her before about some stuff and she really seems to want to help. She gives me hugs all the time, she cares when I'm upset, she's always there for me to talk too. If I tell her someone isn't coming to class because they told me to she always asks if Im going and I say yes and she said "good"...... I feel comfortable talking to her and when she's around me. She always makes me smile when I see her. And she gives amazing hugs and sometimes she'll just hold you there for a sec for an even longer hug!!!!

I'm kinda close with her now but I really want her to be like my second mum and I could be the daughter she's never had because she only has a son and because she has a son that 7 I think she might actually be in for the second mum thing? You know?

(I'm not looking for negative comments)

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  • For people who don't get much attention at home, it's normal for some to crave parental love elsewhere. In that type of situation, it's pretty normal.

    If you want to maintain a close relationship with her, you could probably get her email after you graduate. Most students do that for future references and just to be friendly. I'd be careful getting too close at the moment in case of people getting the wrong impression.

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