Is it normal to want to start a gofund me page for the arts and meals on wheels

I like art and making sure hungry people get fed. I do not not want a wall or to gut the epa.Thinking of starting a go fundme page, good idea bad idea.

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  • You go!!!!

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  • the national endowment for the arts is a waste of money and a con job. We don't need to pay for art. And I don't think kids and old people really benefit that much from free food anyway.

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    • People don't benefit from free food? Can you please explain that?
      Poor people get to eat, which they otherwise wouldn't have. That's definitely a benefit.

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  • Good for you!

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  • I feel the same. It's really sad, because the arts is extremely important, and obviously feeding people is important too.
    What's not important is building a wall that statistically won't even do much at all in preventing illegal immigration.
    It's completely normal to believe that, because it's logical.
    A gofundme would be interesting. You could try to get into contact with those organizations and see what they think. I know a lot of people would donate, because a lot of people feel the same way as you.

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