Is it normal to want to fuck a neighbor across the bckyard

hey so there is a girl and she is very sexy and cute but yet she doesn't not know that i like her is that alright or should i confront her and tell that i like her and want to fuck or should i let her find that out for herself

let me know guys and girls open to anything

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  • Is your backyard big, would it take alot of fucking to get her across it?Maybe you should just talk to her and if it goes well maybe go on a date and if it all goes well maybe you will have some normal sex to start of with. Probably better leave the extre

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    • Probably better leave the extreme fucking (fucking her across the backyard) until you are together a while.

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  • Do you suck cocks?

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  • The girl next door syndrome if you like her that much talk to her

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  • It's very normal to be sexually attracted to someone. But to carry that out without her consent is not normal, it's criminal.

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  • U would probably scare her

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  • Haha.

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  • I think you should do a few things first. Try transcedental meditation, this may help with your mindset going in. It's a perfect way to really relax and connect on a mind level with the lust you feel. Do this twice daily, but never in the same location in the house.
    Secondly, try skinny dipping in a very cold lake. You will find it will reinvigorate you and the process of doing this naked will liberate you for the sexual encounter you anticipate.
    And lastly, mark off all the prime numbers in your calendar. Don't ask me why, just do it. You'll thank me later.

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  • You don't just go around to people saying you wanna fuck them, life is not a porn studio you idiot!!!!

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