Is it normal to want my maid dead?

So my mother (who does not work and only does exercise- a bimbo basically) hired a maid about ten years ago. She treats her like family, the maid sits with us at dinner, comments on my issues and family matters that she shouldn't be talking about. She even talks about her problems with us.... And her problems and life is shit dangerous (her husband is a drug addict and most of her family has been murdered for being involved in illegal activities) and she has robbed us several times: From food, to clothes to shampoo and all that.
My mother pays her very well and even gives her paid holidays but still this stupid maid talks bad about us with neighbors, steals, opens her wide mouth when no one asked her, is shit at cleaning and always comes here with contagious diseases making me ill.
I absolutley hate her and want her dead, yet my mother says she can't fire her because the maid might take revenge on us with the help of her problematic family.
Again, my mother keeps being nice to her because she's scared... So what the fuck? I can't live in my own family home without feeling safe and healthy?
I can't even comment on certain topics because my mother steps on my foot and says the maid musnt hear what I'm about to say.... There's not even freedom in my house.

What can I do? I'm desperate.

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  • Hilarious

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  • That was scary. You have to find a way to fire her..... Can't you talk to the police? or hire private security to handle your safety or even hr family to scare them a bit.

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  • Where the hell do you live, anyway?

    Is it the sort of place where you can take out a contract on someone for $5? If the maid is as bad as you say and the place you live is the hell-hole you imply, maybe someone else will take care of the problem for you.

    I'm sure the situation is difficult and annoying, but dealing with this problem is not your responsibility. Your mother got you in to this mess, and she has to get you out of it. In the meantime, respect your mother's fears and bite your tongue.

    I hope your mother exercises better judgement when the time comes to hire a new maid.

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